Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer time and blogging

This summer has been great! We have had a chance to do some really fun things and are doing really well! I haven't been a very good blogger the last few months so now it's time to catch up.
There have been some questions as to why I have a second blog. It's kind of silly but I'll explain really quick...
A couple of years ago while Justin and I were dating, we had a married friend that was into blogging and suggested that we start one. We had been dating a little over a year so I guess she thought we would be engaged any day... we weren't for another year. Well one night while Justin and I were hanging out at his apartment playing on his laptop, we pulled up blogger and signed up. If you look back to the first post, Justin was the first to write. During this point in our relationship I wasn't fully ready to commit. I loved Justin tons but just didn't feel ready to talk marriage. Friends kept telling me to post but I felt kinda weird having a blog with my boyfriend. Because of an experience with a previous boyfriend, I didn't want to be super connected just in case things didn't turn out the way I hoped. Make sense? So while at work one day a girlfriend helped me start my own. I had to think of a title on the spot so I chose "even on those rainy days" being the title of a song I wrote a long time ago. I started writing on that blog for the most part. I don't think I really started using  this blog until we were married or at least engaged. I think Justin posted a few way back which I teased him for but now I'm glad he did. I love to look back on those early posts since I mainly write for us to remember. After we got married and I really started blogging, I thought I'd just post on my "personal" blog the things that I have accomplished or things I've done alone. This blog would be for things we have done together. It is a bit of a pain going back and forth though so maybe eventually this will be the only blog I use. I'm not a super journal writer so I love blogging. I also love to see what friends are up too! I hope that clears up the confusion Mardee and Brooke!

Now catch up...

Justin has been super busy with work. They make lots of changes over there so he has been learning lots. On his down time, we really like to get outside. We went shooting a few weeks ago, have done lots of swimming, bike riding and hiking. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! I didn't grow up around mountains and there are so many gorgeous spots here to enjoy. We are dying to go camping but it seems like there is never a good time. I doubt we will live here forever so we want to take advantage of all there is to do while we are here. We have had a lot of rain so the mountains have stayed so green. I love it.