Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day

I was one spoiled girl this year! Justin really went all out in making Valentines day perfect. I wasn't thinking we were going to do anything because he had bought us the ultimate gift a few days early... a new bed! Our old one was in bad shape and with me having a terrible back and being pregnant it was time to upgrade. We are now happy owners of an Inteligel king size bed. It is wonderful.

We were lucky to have Justin's Brother Brandon with his wife Jamie and baby Easton stay with us Valentines day weekend while they were here for Jamie's bothers wedding.We had so much fun with them and loved seeing Easton again! He's the cutest. Unfortunately little E got sick while visiting and we just found out he went home with a cold that turned into RSV. Poor little boy. We don't get to see them very often so having them here was super fun! Hopefully Easton will be healthy again soon:(

Because we had a busy weekend and already had our v-day gift I thought that was it for valentines day. However, Justin came home from work on Monday with flowers, chocolate, a cleaned out car and took me out to a yummy dinner at Chefs Table. Am I lucky or what?! I was totally surprised he went all out! I feel bad I didn't do a dang thing for him... I love that boy:)

As for my creative side... I finally finished a baby blanket I've been working on. It turned out pretty cute (as long as you don't look to closely). I'm not a great seamstress and this project took a lot of patience but I thought it would be fun to make my baby's first blanket. Thanks for guiding me through it Candice! It was a fun project.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Boy...

This morning we had our official 20 week ultrasound. Our baby is for sure a boy and growing healthy and strong. It was so fun to watch him move around. He kept putting his arms up by his face so it took a while to get a good face shot. The ultrasound tech teased that the baby is going to be a boxer since he keeps his little fists in a blocking position. The baby measures 10" from head to bottom and is only 3 1/2 cm beneath my skin! I thought that was interesting. I know some people think that these pictures are kinda creepy but I love having them! It's so fun to have pictures! I'm posting especially for my parents and sister Madeleine so they can see what the little guy looks like.

Here is one of the few face shots we got. I think it sorta looks like he's smiling.

In this one you can see his little hand in front of his face.

He kept tucking his legs under his bottom but this picture confirms the gender...

Here is his profile. His left fist is up by his forehead.
It was an exciting visit and we are so happy everything is going so well. We cant wait for the little guy come!