Monday, October 7, 2013


Paisley brings so much light into our home. She is so full of energy and smiles. I notice the older she gets, the braver and more opinionated she gets. Paisley will jump off anything and go down every slide and up every ladder. I think "no!" is her most frequently used word these days. And if theres something she wants, she doesn't give up easily. This girl knows what she wants and she's not afraid to tell you.

Paisley is very sweet though. She gives the sweetest kisses with a biggest pucker holding the back of your neck with one hand.

She loves singing songs. Her favorites are The Turtle Song and I Love to See the Temple.

Paisley is starting to get into princesses. She loves Ariel and walks around the house singing like her in a little raspy voice, eyes open wide and very serious. So cute.

Paisley is a little copycat and loves to follow Beck around. They are such cute little friends. Beck keeps telling Paisley that she can be a ninja turtle like him and she responds "yeah, okay Buck!".

Paisley is a great sleeper. She sometimes giggles when I put her in her bed. She loves her blanket and wads it up by her face to sleep.

Beck just started "preschool" (mother goose time co-op with some of our friends) and goes twice a week for two hours. Last week was our first week and although it felt so weird dropping Beck off and leaving, it was nice to have the one on one time with Paisley. The first day she and I walked around PetCo and looked at fish and birds. Paisley broke a fish tank decor toy within the first five minutes but it was still so fun. Luckily the lady at the counter gave us a break assuring me it happens all the time. The second day we just ran errands but I could tell she loved the extra attention. I'm so grateful for the special relationship I have with this sweet little sassy thing.

Paisley loves animals and babies and walks around the house patting their back and reading them books. She loves tasting everything, from rain puddles to dog food. She loves to hug and hit new friends. Her mane of hair is often hanging in her eyes but she doesn't seem to notice. She can get messier than most little boys in a matter of seconds but she loves to look at herself in the mirror and tell us she's pretty.

Even though Paisley is still so young, I can can tell she will grow to be such an individual. She isn't much of a pleaser but can be so sweet and soft. She is so strong willed and curious.

Paisley loves wrestling with her daddy and snuggling with me. She bring such a sweet and fun spirit to our home and we are so lucky she's ours.


Beck is growing faster than a weed and it breaks my heart. But I am loving and am amazed by all the new things he's saying and doing. He has such a sweet heart and an adventurous spirit.

Beck is finally potty trained! Well for the most part, still wearing diaper to bed. I think he's so stinkin' cute running around in his little undies. He loves our cheering after every trip to the bathroom and reminds us he's a big boy.

Beck is getting freckles! I loves his little sun kissed face sprinkled with spots.

Beck can say The Pledge of Allegiance all by himself. We used to tell him to look for american flags when we drove places to keep him busy and then would say it after spotting one. He quickly picked up on it and now he repeats it every time we pass a flag holding his little hand over his belly.

He can also say The First Article of Faith. While first learning it he would say;

"We believe in God the ninja turtle, and in his son, Jesus Christ, Amen, and in the Holy cow".

He finally has it down correctly.

Beck loves the water. We were in California visiting the Clark farm a couple of weeks ago (pictures coming soon), and he swam all day every day. He would dive into the splash pool and swim back and forth under water while holding his breath. He was a little nervous in the big pool but he can totally swim! He's such a little fish.

Beck is so great with Paisley. I love hearing his little voice on the monitor in the morning (the mornings he actually wakes up in his bed and not ours... something that isn't super common the past few weeks) and hear him telling Paisley she's a "sweet girl" and "it's time to wake up and play".

We are starting a neighborhood co-op preschool group next month and I'm really excited. I think he'll love it. Beck is starting to show so much interest in learning and it's pretty amazing the things he picks up. Yesterday I told him to stop splashing Paisley in the bathtub and his response was "I'm not a child!"... I couldnt stop laughing because it caught me so off guard.

Beck keeps telling us he wants a big dog named Dude. We just had him tested for allergies and of course he's allergic. They told us to wait on pets until he's a little older. He's also allergic to every weed and grass outside. The worst.

We love our little Beck and although we wish he could be a baby forever, we sure love watching him grow into such a fun little boy. He's daddy's best bud and mommies little sidekick.