Wednesday, April 2, 2014

sugar and spice...

...and everything nice. Yup, we're expecting another sweet little girl and we could't be more excited. It was so fun to see her move during the 20 week ultrasound last week. In fact, she was moving so much it took a few minutes to get a good gender shot. I feel her constantly these days and love it. I'm so excited for Paisley to have a little sister. Sisters are the best. We feel very blessed. 

Beck is still having a hard time going to sunday school on his own so Justin and I rotate going with him. Hopefully after another couple of weeks, once he's a little more comfortable with his class and teachers, he'll be okay to go without us and the meltdowns on the floor will end. This past week was adorable and I was glad I was there to watch. His little sunbeam class was asked to stand up and say the first article of faith and Beck was asked to stand at the microphone and lead it in front of everyone. He felt so special and beamed as he stood in front of the primary and said it word for word. He also got to go to the front and shake a maraca during singing time and giggled all through the song. During individual classes they learned about creations in the sky. His awesome teacher brought in two of her birds and let the kids take turns holding and petting them. Beck was in heaven. Now he wants a bird. After his teacher put the birds away, Beck sweetly asked his teacher if she had a baby in her belly. She doesnt. Her reply was "nope, I'm just big". I was so embarrassed but knew it was an innocent question. Pregnancy must be confusing for these kids. 

I'm so grateful for our growing family. These two are so full of energy and life and bring so much happiness to our home. I'm so excited to see them love on a new baby.