Wednesday, January 14, 2009


When Justin and I got engaged we did what everyone has to do... house hunt (or apartment hunt in our case). We found this condo that we love! The only problem was that the washer and dryer were not included in the deal. We would have to buy them on our own. No prob right?? So we moved in and I would do laundry over at Natalie's or Oakley's. Easy enough for the first ten times. I kept assuring Justin that getting them wasn't first priority over other things we needed. Then the snow came and the laundry started to pile up and Justin saw how frustrating it was becoming. So last week we went out and FINALLY bought a washer and dryer. We had to get a stackable set which are hard to find and more expensive but we lucked out and got a great deal over at RCWilley. I've never loved doing laundry so much in my life! I couldn't wait to put in the first load. Justin and I even sat for a minute and watched the laundry spin through the little window. Amazing. It may sound lame, but when you don't have something for so long you feel spoiled when you get it. I'm even thinking of naming my first baby Frigidaire!

Justin set them up. I'm so happy he knows how to fix things and put things together. He is so handy. It's awesome.

Friday, January 2, 2009