Tuesday, December 30, 2008

San Fran and Yosemite!

I know this is the second post in one day but Justin is watching TV and I got bored. Im really not a loser. If you read my earlier post I talked about our California trip and our visit to the exciting yet crazy San Francisco and the beautiful Yosemite Park. I thought Id post some pictures. :)

Buying some yummy chocolate in SF!
Justin bought me a pearl necklace at Pier 39. We got to choose the clam we wanted and break it open and find the pearl. The guy working there let us do an extra one for free! I got a big white/pink one and a rare Blueish one. So fun.

Justin's parents
All the kids
Justin playing in a snow cave someone made.
My new darling sister

California Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was awesome! Justin, Oakley and I drove out to  Sacramento the Friday before Christmas to spend a few days with my family before Jus and I headed to Sonora to spend Christmas with  his family. The car was packed to the ceiling and five hours was added to the drive because we hit a huge snow storm on the way out of Salt Lake! I thought we might not make it home with Justins driving frustration and Oakley dying, squished in the back seat. But we made it and it was so nice to finally be home and relax. We watched movies and did a giant puzzle, sang in my sisters ward and ate, ate, ate! We left for Sonora late Monday night. It was weird to be somewhere else for the holidays but we had a great time. My family came down on Christmas eve and we all had dinner together. Its such a blessing that our families live just two hours away from each other. Christmas morning we opened presents and had Disneyland waffles (ice cream on top). Justin got me some recording gear to add to the studio at home and also a bread maker!  We spent Friday and Saturday visiting San Francisco and Yosemite. San Fran had more people shopping than I thought even existed in this world! Id was fun though. and Yosemite was beautiful with all the snow. We stopped back by my parents house on our way back to Utah to see what Santa left us there and to have breakfast. We also did our traditional raffle we do every year. It was hard to leave! This time we stuffed Jordan in the back seat instead of Oak. Justin taught me how to drive his car (stick shift)and I drove the whole way back. We had a blast. I wish Christmas lasted a little longer this year!

Justin, Oak, Summer and Carlos working on the puzzle
Daddy and Mommy

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ginger Bread

A couple weeks ago we went over to the Fenns to make ginger bread houses. It was all home made and super fun. The boys constructed the whole thing cutting out paper to get the shapes perfect. It turned out awesome. We made windows out of melted candy, a pond out of cough drops (thanks Jamie for the idea), little animals and used nerds to make christmas lights. It took a lot of time and hands but all well worth it. Here are some pictures!