Monday, July 23, 2012

It seems like just yesterday Justin and I decided to start our little family. I can't believe how quickly time goes by and that I already have two!

{I love this picture. I would ask Beck where the baby was and he's point to my belly and sometimes kiss it. So sweet.}

{We couldn't get a good picture of Beck actually kissing my belly so I bit off a little tine bite of a tootsie roll and stuck it on while i held his hands. Worked like a charm.} 

{In our front yard after naps one day.}

{4th of July}

{Jordan and Cristal's wedding}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

sweet moments

This past week has been incredibly busy. I've been scrambling to plan Becksters 2nd birthday, two bridal showers, prepare for weddings and travel, sleep train Paisley, one on one time with Beck, working (jetblue) and then just the normal day to day clean up, laundry and so on. I'm tired.

With that said, I am so grateful for the sweet little moments that make the chaos so worth it. Two nights ago about an hour after putting the babies to bed I dragged myself into the kitchen to do the dishes and clean up before bed. While washing up the pots and pans I heard a whimper break from the monitor which quickly turned into a very loud little Paisley cry. I dried my hands and ran up hoping she hadn't woke up Beck. But there he sat straight up in his bed. I picked Paisley up hoping I could take her out and Beck would just lie back down and close his eyes but the moment I reached for the door knob Beck started fussing "mom mom"haha. So cute. Lucky for Beck Daddy was out in the garage playing with his tools and wasn't around to make mommy put the babies down to cry it out. He is stronger than I am. So I scooped up Beck in my other arm and sat in the rocker with both babies and rocked. It only took Paisley a few minutes to fall asleep again but Beck was just so sweet and cuddley I couldnt make myself move. We sat and rocked for what seemed like long time and I sat thinking about how perfect these two little spirits are.  

I love that Beck has such a vibrant personality. He's at such a fun age. He gasps and gets excited about everything. Amazed by life. His imagination is just taking off lately bringing sticks and rocks to life. Lately he loves sharks. He chases me around outside with bark saying "oh shark" pretending its biting me. He loves to watch bugs and bang on pots and pans and he is so sweet with Paisley. My favorite sound these days is hearing Beck's little voice saying "hi baby" over and over until she looks at him. Adorable. And Beck LOVES his daddy. He loves to sit and read books with Justin and play outside with the soccer ball. And I love how he says mom or "mom mom". Melts my heart. We are working on recognizing pictures of the prophets and the temple and saying the names. The way he pronounces words or the way he copies us is the cutest thing. Also very cute... the love he has for his stuffed moose. That thing smells like death no matter how much I wash it but it is his best friend. His stinky best little bud. 

Paisley is perfect. She has a smile that lights up the room and the sweetest temperment. She loves to watch Beck and laughs at everything he does. she loves to eat and pinch and roll around. She just turned 7 months and is already crawling everywhere. She is fast. I love having a sweet little girl to dress up and play with. I love the way she stares at me while she drinks her bottle as if to make sure I'm still there. She is pretty clingy to me lately and its hard to get chores done but who needs a clean house right? Most of all I love love love to watch her with Justin. Justin is so sweet with her and I know he will be the kind of wonderful my dad was to me growing up. I know how special a father daughter relationship can be and I'm so grateful she will have that. I hope and pray that she and Beck will be best friends since they are so close in age. So far so good. They are cute little buds. 

Justin is wonderful and I feel so blessed to have a husband that changes diapers without being asked and does the dishes. He is so helpful and he's an incredible father. The other night he sweetly hugged me and told me I was a good mom. I'm so grateful for him knowing I needed to hear it. 

Life is good. Even when it's stressful. And we are blessed. 

Good night:)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beck Ezra

This little boy has so much personality. He gasps at everything and yells when he's excited. He loves balls, animals (especially dogs), music or anything that makes sound, the movie Toy Story and Bolt, coloring (mostly on the table), his mommy, his stuffed moose, playing with toys, playing outside, and the list goes on and on. He is so curious and funny and we love his little spirit. Here are some pictures from te past year.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Paisley Aleta Smith

She's here! Three months ago actually. I've been so terrible about blogging and I feel terrible. There are so many things our sweet little Beck has done to make us laugh and I don't have any of them recorded! Time to catch up. But first, I'll introduce our new sweet little bundle. She is perfect.

Paisley Aleta Smith | 11-02-11 | 7lbs 15oz | 20 inces long

I went into labor the evening of November 1st, four days early. I started having contractions around 4pm and called Justin to hurry home from work. Luckily my parents were in town so we didn't have to scramble to find someone to come watch Beck. He loves playing with his Glama and Papa Rock. We finished packing up and I made sure to smother Beck with all the kisses I could while I had Justin lowered the mattress in Beck's crib (I noticed the day before that he was trying to climb out and I didn't want him breaking any bones and meeting us as the hospital). After we loaded up and in the truck, Justin, my mom and I headed a mile down the road to Alta View Hospital where we checked in and waited to be admitted. I was dilated to a 5 so I was staying. The nurse had a really hard time putting in my iv and after poking me a million times she finally called the anethesiologist who was able to get me hooked up so I could get settled in my bed. I had the epidural and got comfy while Justin called his family to let them know little girl was on her way. The rest of my family came to see how I was doing and Beck was happy playing at home with Doug and Maddy's roommate Erica letting my parents sneak away for a bit. I wasn't progressing very quickly so we sent everyone home to get some sleep. Around 2am the nurse checked me and I was finally dilated to a 9. She told me to sit tight and that she'd be back in 20 minutes to check again to see if it was time to get the doctor in. When she came back she checked me out and quickly closed my knees together telling me not to move, that the baby was on her way out. I thought the baby probably was because I was starting to feel a lot pressure. I was right! The nurse rushed out to call the doctor and Justin called my parents. Beck was the first babyborn on my side and my whole family was in the room during his birth which I loved. I'm sure it's weird to most people but I love the cheering and crying and excitement going on around me. Having Justin by my side and holding my hand while hearing everyones excitement keeps me distracted from the thought of anything possibly going wrong. Because Paisley was born in the middle of the night we had to call everyone and tell them to hurry and get dressed! I pushed for two hours with Beck but Paisley was ready to meet everyone and from the first push to the last, she took a whopping 10 minutes! It was great but only my dad (who stood behind me getting the PG view), and Summer made it in time. Oakley showed up as they were weighing Paisley and my mom stayed home with Beck. Maddy was to far to get there in time so we told her to just wait and come in the morning. Still it was great to have the phone calls and support. Justin's family were great from afar and were able to meet her a couple of weeks later. Beck came to meet his new little sister the next morning. He was more excited about all the buttons to push on my bed and being in a new room than he was about the baby haha. He wasn't very interested in her for the first couple of weeks but then one day it was like a switch clicked in his little mind and he realized that she's here to stay. He loves giving her kisses and sharing toys with her (piling them on her lap in her swing), shushing me when she's sleeping and tickling her. He loves her and I pray they will be best friends. When I found out I was pregnant with Paisley, just after Beck turned seven months, I was scared to death! But it really seems like it was meant to be and that Heavenly Father knew we were ready for her. She was born with a head full of dark hair, chubby cheeks with a dimple on one side, healthy and happy and loves to constantly snuggle. She is very alert with big wide bright eyes and smiles all the time. Thank you to all the help from my wonderful HUSBAND, family and friends during my pregnancy and after with the meals and babysitting offers. We love you all.