Sunday, July 25, 2010


June 22nd we welcomed little Beck into the world and into our family. He is beautiful. We feel so lucky. On more than one occasion we were told that life would turn upside down once he arrived and it has, but in the best way possible.

Labor and delivery went smooth. I started having contractions around 2:30am but they were still fairly far apart so I decided to wait to wake Justin until they were closer together. Around 4:30 am the contractions became closer coming every 5-7 minutes. I decided to wake Justin and get ready to head out. We finished packing up our bags, Got dressed and straightened up (I even made our bed) and waited for the contractions to come less than five minutes apart and then headed to the hospital. We checked in around 7:30am feeling excited and a little anxious. I was dilated to a 4 1/2 so they told me I was staying! Because I had already been in five weeks earlier with bad contractions I was a little nervous but felt as ready as I could possibly be. Justin was so cute after the nurse left looking at me, holding my hand, smiling and said, "we're having a baby today".

I thought the experience would be intense but it went incredibly smooth. Shortly after my doctor arrived, he broke my water and I got the epidural. I felt good. My family came in around lunch time and with lunch not knowing I was only allowed ice chips... torture! I was nervous it would drive me nuts having so many people in the room but it was actually very nice. My dad kept playing songs on his phone and the girls would sing and dance around making me laugh and keeping me awake and distracted. I'm seriously so glad they were there. Even Justin who is still getting used to the crazy Clark clan said it was fun having them there.

Finally around 3pm I got the clear to start pushing. Justin was so encouraging and sweet through the whole thing. My sisters took turns fanning my face and keeping me laughing in between contractions and my sweet dad (who wasn't going to stay but did after I told him I was cool with it) stood at my shoulders so as not to see anything embarrassing and video taped from an appropriate angle which I'm so glad I have. After almost two hours, at 4:52, Beck finally arrived with his arms stretched out and crying. I can't describe the feeling I had seeing him for the first time. I couldn't believe this baby boy is what what growing inside me for nine months! I couldn't stop crying. It was so amazing looking at this new little face for the first time as they handed him to me. He seemed so perfect. He is:)

We loved having family and friends visit us in the hospital and at home. Thanks to those who brought us food and have helped me as I've adjusted to life as a new mom. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. Thanks to my mom for staying with me for three whole weeks after Beck was born! I don't know if I would have survived alone after Justin went back to work!

I'm so grateful for this new little blessing and for my incredible husband. Justin was so wonderful through my pregnancy and was my rock through the birth. I love you!