Friday, May 21, 2010

baby drama

So I'm about five weeks away from my due date and have been feeling anxious to say the least. At least I was anxious until a couple of days ago...

On Wednesday my sister Oakley met me at my house to run some errands and help get our other sister Summer ready for a two week trip to Africa. Oaks hubby was out of town so we thought we would help Summer pack after she got off work and then do dinner or something fun. After that Oak would spend the night and we would take Sum to the airport the next day. Well plans changed...

Oakley and I ran over to her in-laws house to pick up some stuff Summer needed for her trip and while we were there I started feeling some pain in my back and abdomen. I thought it might have been due to all the walking around or the million cake bites Oak brought me that I scarfed down but the pain was getting worse and I started getting worried. I tried not to make a big deal about it thinking we wouldn't be there long but after about fifteen minutes it was getting unbearable. I told Oak I needed to go but because I wasn't screaming in pain she didn't seem to realize the urgency. Finally I demanded we go and she knew something was wrong. I got in the car and told her I thought I needed to go to the hospital. I wasn't thinking I was in labor because the pain didn't come and go like I've been told contractions do. It was continuous and seemed to be getting worse with every minute. The pain got so bad that the cake bites she had brought me earlier came back up along with my lunch in Oaks back seat. My brain was so focused on how I was feeling that the thought of rolling down the window didn't even cross my mind. I just leaned over and puked three times mumbling sorry in between. Oak was so worried and flustered trying to get to the hospital and trying to tell Justin on the phone where we were going that she took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end in some neighborhood. I thought I was going to die... seriously. I think I even told her to let me out on a corner so I could lie down on someones grass and she could call an ambulance. I'm glad she didn't do that!

Finally we arrived at the hospital. Oak wheeled me up to the fifth floor to check in. I was told in the birthing class Jus and I are taking to pre-register four weeks before the due date so of course I hadn't yet. So sitting there feeling like I might pass out I had to answer what seemed like a bunch of questions and sign something (I think just admitting me in??) and finally got to a room. Justin was still driving back from Salt Lake and I was dying for him to get there. Thank goodness I was with Oakley and she was able to get me where I needed to be. I don't know what I would have done if I was out and about by myself.

I cant remember exactly what happened in what order the next six hours but it was no fun. I'm very sensitive to needles and hospitals and people wearing scrubs for that matter. No joke. I fainted when I got my ears pierced, passed out during my wisdom teeth consultation and I throw up when getting shots sometimes. During the times I've had to get blood drawn or shots during this pregnancy I've had to lay down with Justin holding my hand and blowing on my face. The nurses know how freaked I get and always bring in juice for me to drink after I get pricked. I know it's all in my head but I cant shake it. Hopefully this experience will toughen me up.

Anyways, Justin finally arrived and we found out I was was actually having preterm contractions, about 2-3 minutes apart. I was only dilated to a one but was effaced at 60%. They gave me three shots of a drug to help slow down the contractions but it made my heart rate go up which eventually made the baby's heart rate go up as well. The shots were spread out and I wanted to cry every time they came in to give me one. They told me I was a little dehydrated so I needed an IV. The nurse tried putting it in my right hand but the vein rolled on her and they had to put it in the other. I think that was more painful then the contractions! I was so freaked out my blood pressure dropped and I felt faint. My hands tingle thinking about it. Oak patted my face with cold clothes and Justin held my hand and talked me through it. Summer showed up as well just before that so I had a lot of support, however I think she was upset thinking she would either miss the birth of my baby or have to cancel her trip to Africa. Luckily the contractions finally stopped and she didn't miss anything. Summer left after a few hours to start packing and Oakley left to go help not long after that. I felt so bad that Oak had to leave in her barf-covered car:( She was such a good sport about it.

After the contractions stopped, we still had to wait for the baby's heart rate to go down which took a couple of hours. His heart rate is supposed to be in the 150's-160's but was in the 190's due to the medicine they gave me. I also had to get a shot in my hip for the baby's lungs (in case he did decide to come early) and had to have some antibiotics through the IV.

Finally around 12:30 we were able to check out and head home. It was a long day. Part of me wanted them to just get the baby out so I don't have to do that all again in a month! I've been so anxious for this baby to come and now that I've had a taste of what it's going to be like, I'm scared as heck!

The next day I had to go in and see my doctor. Justin took the day off work so he could take me. The drugs they gave me at the hospital made my legs shake all night so I got very little sleep and was not looking forward to a doctor visit. My doctor had me do a blood test and get another shot of antibiotics. My white blood cell count was a little high so I guess there is concern I may have a little infection. I was so sick of needles and so tired I had to fight back tears.Thank goodness I had Justin with me. We then were sent back over to the hospital for another shot to help the baby's lungs. It was the second dose of the one I had the night before and it stung like heck. As soon as I was able to stand up, we headed downstairs for our birthing class where we watched actual birthing videos... As soon as we walked out of class I burst into tears. Justin was so sweet and encouraging. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

Over all, everything is great. I'm feeling better and trying to get lots of rest. I'm so grateful to live in a time and place where these things can be taken care of so easily even though it's no fun. As silly as it sounds, I'm grateful for the discomforts of the last weeks of pregnancy knowing that feeling like crap is going to be what helps me prepare for this baby to come.

We are almost ready for his arrival as far as everything we need, although we are still debating names. I guess it's good he didn't come Wednesday! The baby's room isn't set up yet but is somewhat organized. We are trying to get rid of our futon to make room for the crib so if anyone needs one, let me know! Justin decided a few weeks ago to make the crib himself. We have a friend who's parents have a wood shop they are letting Justin work in on the weekends. I think building a crib is a bigger project than Justin thought it would be but he is loving it and doing a great job! Since I'm supposed to be taking it easy and staying home, I've started watching the first season of "LOST" and am hooked even though it makes no sense half the time. I feel like such a bum sitting at home but that's okay I guess. I haven't been good about posting pictures but I'll have some fun ones up soon. My girl friend Natalie is a photographer and took some cute ones a couple of weeks ago. Ill post some as soon as I get them.

This isn't the greatest picture... I think I'm about 30 weeks here.