Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beck is a BIG BOY!

Beck turned three today and I can't believe it. I love this crazy little shark wannabe more than anything and feel so blessed he's mine. Justin and I somehow pulled off an awesome birthday for him even in the midst of Aunt Summie having baby Rhea the night before, me getting food poisoning, Justin spending the whole night before moving a lady from work, Clark family being in town, and Beck having a double ear infection. Crazy week. But it was so fun and so worth it. He had a blast.

We did a shark themed birthday party and got him a new bike. He was so cute in his excitement. He woke us up at 6am so we took him downstairs where his new bike was waiting and straight outside where Justin helped him ride up and down the street with Paisley chasing after. My heart melts watching my babies with their daddy. We borrowed mini pools for the party and bought one for the kids to swim in. They played and ate snow cones and cupcakes all afternoon long. It was great. Justin BBQ'ed and I made other goodies and decorated. I even painted a shark with a face cutout for the kids to take pictures with or ball toss in. I found shark shaped water guns at the dollar store and blew up a bunch of beach balls. We had such a great day celebrating Beck's special day and really feel so blessed we have so many wonderful people in our lives. Great family, great friends, yummy food and perfect weather makes for a great day. Paisley was a little fussy when the party started but a bowl of frosting perked her up and she has so happy as she walked around finger feeding herself in the messiest way possible. Beck was in heaven and we loved watching him squirt Papa Rock and play with his friends. We ended the day with a birthday cookie candle and all and sang happy birthday twice upon request. He smiled and giggled with embarrassment and loved blowing out the candle. 

We love you sweet Beck! Happy, happy birthday! You rock our world!