Friday, April 23, 2010

what we've been up to...

We've had a crazy couple of months. I have pictures to post but I'll have to add them later because my computer isn't uploading them for some reason. Darn:)

We have been so blessed lately. Justin got a new job and loves it! He works for a company in Salt Lake called CompHealth where he helps doctors find hospitals to work in and hospitals find doctors they need. He is learning lots about the medical field and although he is still training (the training program lasts three months) he is already bringing in new clients and doing incredibly well. We thought about moving up north so his commute wasn't as far but since our baby is due in two months we are going to wait until later this year or possibly early next.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun! My mom and Natalie made lots of yummy food and the girls did a great job decorating and planning games. My dad helped with the set up as well before rushing out with the boys! Thanks to all of you that came to celebrate with me and for the thoughtful gifts! I know it was both Easter and conference weekend so I really appreciate everyone that came! Thanks to the girls and to Nat for doing so much to make the shower so much fun! I love you all!

My mom was great during her visit helping me to get organized and get the things needed for the baby's arrival. This is going to be one spoiled baby! The baby's room is piled with gifts and things needed that Justin and I have collected. I cant wait to get everything put away! My belly is getting big! I love it but it makes getting things done a little harder. Justin and I love to sit and watch my stomach move. We see kicks and punches pretty often now and it's crazy to watch. Justin had his head on my tummy a few weeks ago while watching tv and the baby kicked him in the face. Its so much fun but I'm starting to feel anxious for this little guy to come. Although I've had a pretty mild pregnancy compared to most it's still no picnic. My ribs and back hurt like crazy, I don't sleep well and I have acid reflex galore. I also cant take one sip of water without having to pee and commercials make me cry. If you're wondering about the name we have chosen, we haven't. Justin and I are having the hardest time agreeing on anything! We may get to the hospital and have to draw a name out of a hat.

A couple weekends ago (right after my family left) Justin and I took a little vacation with some awesome friends that live in our complex. We had a blast. Lindsey and Jordan live a few doors down but are originally from Vegas and invited us and some other friends from our complex to go stay with them in Lindseys parents house while her parents were out of town. Her parents have a huge house with an awesome backyard to play in. We swam, went boating and walked around the strip and enjoyed relaxing. So much fun and so needed. We returned to decent weather in Provo but of course the cold is back. The last few days have been cold and wet. We thought the cold was over earlier this week when we had a few warm nights playing in the courtyard with all the neighbors. Justin and I drove out to Utah lake last Sunday and it was beautiful outside. Justin brought his fishing bow (of course) and even tried to catch a fish. He ended up loosing an arrow and had to walk out thigh high into the water to try and find it. It was funny until he got in the car and smelled like the nasty lake... Pretty to look at but not to swim in.

Well we are excited for this summer! I can't wait to spend the last of my pregnant days in a pool! We are so excited to have the baby and start a new chapter in our lives. We are so grateful for our wonderful families and our wonderful friends! Grateful that Justin has a job he likes and that baby and I are healthy.