Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And tomorrow we are off!

Tomorrow Justin and I are off to Florida! We are so darn excited. My cousin and her Husband invited us to go with them and we can't wait. We will spend a couple days at Disney World, go to the beach, sleep in and eat junk. Justin will be coming home when Melissa and Mike head back and I'll be staying an extra 9 days!!! The poor boy will be home all alone. My mom's family is out there so I'm going to stay and visit with them. My mom is meeting me there so it should be fun. This will be the longest time Justin and I have been apart since we've been married. I wish he could stay but he has to get back to work. I'll post some pictures when i get back in town! 

So if it snows here in the next couple weeks, good luck, have fun! I'll be working on my tan! ;) 

Bye, bye!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Day...

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. I woke up and started doing my normal stuff when I got a call from our complex manager. He told me that the gas company found a leak and that they might have to evacuate our complex so if I needed to shower or do anything at home I'd better do it now. I called my sister who lives downstairs and a few of my neighbors to tell them the same thing. I took a quick shower and started getting ready for the day thinking I could just go over to a friends or run some errands when all of a sudden I heard someone pounding on my door. I ran downstairs and opened the door to a couple of firemen who said I would have to leave the house immediately and walk across the street for further instructions. I was a little confused as I ran upstairs to change and grab my stuff when I heard another pound on the door. I pulled my jacket on and answered the door to three more firemen telling me I had to come now. I grabbed what I could and left. I felt a little nervous as I walked down the stairs because it seemed like there were firemen everywhere, knocking on doors and taping them off as people left. Was the building going to blow!?!?! I walked across the street and sat down on the corner with some friends, my hair dripping wet. After a few minutes someone walked over and told us that a bus was coming to pick us up and take us to the red cross center to wait. We couldn't take our cars until the leak was fixed. We waited a little longer and watched the police, firemen and reporters do their thing.  The Bus picked us up and and took us five blocks away to safety... The red cross did an excellent job making everyone comfortable while we waited. Everyone there except me and one other girl had little kids so I'm sure the experience was frustrating for them however red cross brought in dippers and toys help make the wait easier. They brought in lunch too which was nice, even though it was from McD's. I would have had Justin come get me but he didn't have a car and I didn't think we would be there for as long as we were. The one good thing that came out of the experience was getting to know some of my neighbors I probably never would have known. When I got home there were people form the gas company walking into my house to re-set the gas pilot. Finally by 4:00 I was able to start my day! 

This was the only picture I took, darn it. It was taken from the bus so you can't see half of what was going on. Better than nothing.

Justin and I were talking about the eventful day later on that night and discussed how important it is to make sure we have all our insurance stuff in order just in case. On the subject of finance, we signed up for mint.com  which is awesome!!! Check it out if you haven't already! Great way to budget and know exactly where all your money is going!