Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holiday and Baby Update

Well the holidays are over and we are back home and back into our daily routine. Christmas was great! We had so much fun with our families although getting to California was quite an adventure. We had to wait until Justin got off work to hit the road so it was already late and we were anxious to get going. We figured we had enough gas to get to Wendover, however our digital gas reading was wrong... we ran out. Luckily our friends Jordan and Kristine were driving to Cali as well and right behind us! How lucky for us!!! They saw us stopped and came to our rescue. Kristine had a Triple A card and let us use it (thanks Kristine). We had to wait an hour for someone to get to us which set us even more behind but it could have been worse. Plus with me being pregnant we had double the potty stops and snack stops so we didn't roll into Sonora until a little after 4am. Poor Justin drove the whole way and was so tired. When we walked into the house my sister-in-law was up feeding her new baby so were got to meet little Easton for the first time in the middle of the night. He is the cutest thing ever! We spent four days in Sonora and four days (including actual Christmas) in Elk Grove with my family. We ate tons of food, watched some fun movies (including home videos of Justin, I loved it), played outside, went bowling and visited with neighbors and friends. We love going home. Christmas was perfect.

New years was also fun. We did a "fondue" dinner and made yummy desserts. Natalie and I had fun preparing everything. We watched the ball drop at midnight and popped poppers. Happy 2010!!!

Justin and I are so excited to be having our first baby this year! We just found out we are having a little BOY!!! During the ultrasound the baby was moving all over so it was hard to get a view of the private zone but after walking around for a half hour, doing handstands in the hall and drinking lots of water we were finally able to get him high enough to position him correctly. Its still pretty early and he is still small enough to fit in my hand so there is lots of room for him swim around. My aunt Dodie is a nurse and was there during the ultrasound. She is very good at explaining whats going on inside! I'm learning so much. I'm so so grateful that I've had a wonderful experience so far in my pregnancy. For the most part I have been feeling great! The hardest parts are the doctor visits. Those of you who know me know I don't do well in hospitals. I had to have blood taken for the second time last week and I get so nervous it's embarrassing. I had Justin and two nurses talking me though it and holding my hands... It's weird I know. I haven't been so good about taking tummy pictures but here is one at 16 weeks. I'm now 17 1/2.

16 weeks. Not the greatest picture but better than nothing!
To tell my family we were having a boy, we sent them each a picture text of my belly with the words "It's a BOY" written in eyeliner on it. That's as creative as I could get being so far away. I'm almost halfway through. June seems so far away but I'm actually enjoying being pregnant.