Saturday, March 8, 2014

booger problems

The kids were playing with toys on the living room floor yesterday and I overheard this conversation:

(Beck must have been picking his nose)

Paisley: Don't eat it Beck.
Beck: What?
Paisley: Dont eat you booga.
Beck: Okay, I'll just wipe it in my hair.

Followed by me yelling from the kitchen... "NOOOOO!"

A couple of days ago Beck was napping in my bed with me (so as not to keep Pais awake) and I noticed he kept putting his fingers in his mouth. I asked what he was doing and he replied "I just have a booger stuck in my teeth". Oh okay.

Little boy are pretty gross.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

highlights of the week

Utah can be so beautiful. This time of year is hit or miss with weather nice enough to enjoy the outdoors with little kids. It will be so fun when they get a little older and we can take them skiing but for now we wait for days clear enough to take walks or go on family hikes. Monday the kids and I spent the day playing at Oakley and Scotts new house and then headed back in time to pick up Justin from work. We had wanted to take a little hike on Sunday after church but by the time we got home and took naps it was to late. So Justin suggested we go as we were driving home Monday evening. I didn't feel prepared to hike (Paisley and I wearing ballet flats and both kids wearing new pants I didn't want scraped up) but decided to be a good sport and give into Justin's spontaneous suggestion. So we turned around and headed towards the mountains. I love when all the snow in the valley melts away but the mountains are still covered. Its really beautiful. We grabbed subway sandwiches and drove up to Bell Canyon Park where the trail head starts. The kids did great, Justin carried Paisley most of the way, and they loved stopping to throw rocks down the steep side of the trail. The hike was longer and more uphill than Justin remembered it to be, and it got chilly the higher we climbed but it was fun and I appreciated the exercise. The top of the trail opens up into a summit with a small lake where we watched ducks and ate our food. The kids made sure half our sandwiches were left to feed wild animals ha, ha. When our bellies were full, we headed back down, me nervous to beat the dark. Beck held my hand most of the way down to help "keep momma from falling". He said he wanted to be a helpful ninja turtle. Paisley pet Justin's beard as he carried her down hill and over giant rocks and told him he was a "nice lion". It was the perfect family home evening activity. Justin had a soccer game later on that night. I don't know how he played. That hike did momma in! I don't know if we'll live in Utah forever but I hope while we do we can enjoy the beauties of this place as often as possible. 

I love this picture of my mountain man and littles looking out at the lit up valley lights.

Eating dinner and looking for wildlife. 

I reached the 16 week mark in my pregnancy this week and I'm finally feeling a little better. I still have good days and bad days but I feel somewhat normal again. I'm also starting to feel the baby move which I love. I'm pretty sure it's a girl. Beck is hoping its a puppy or baby and wants to name it Four no matter what. He and Paisley love to rub my belly and talk to the puppy/baby and tell it stories. It melts my heart. 

We started preschool back up now that I'm a human again. We do a co-op preschool with a group of friends through a program called Mother Goose Time. It's adorable and the kids love it. I have found a whole new love and respect for teachers through doing this program! On my weeks to teach or assist I feel kind of crazy trying to keep kids sitting and learning. They love to show off for each other and move like popcorn in the popper! But it's so fun to watch them learn and grow and develop social skills. The activities are amazing and so are their little minds. I'm nervous about preschool in the fall. I'd love to continue doing a group program like this where I feel like I have some control over who they are with and what they are learning but I don't know that I'll be able to do it with a new baby. It's going to be really hard for me and scary sending my kids off to school. I constantly worry about their safety both physical and mental. I'll have to have more faith and learn to trust my gut. Beck really loves this little group he's in now and I love watching him.

Here is Beck with Eli, one of his preschool buddies. We learned about forest animals this week. When I asked the kids what they knew about deer, Beck shouted that his daddy hunts for them with a bow and we eat them for dinner... nice.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

you are my sunshine

I woke up this morning to a little Paisley voice on the monitor yelling "mommy I'm pooped" and a little Beck foot in my back (because he gets in bed with us every night), but it still took a minute for me to move. I lay there groggy and tired but couldn't help but think about these two sweet little things and how much I'll miss these days when they're behind us. Poop diapers and all. Pregnancy I may not miss quite as much. 

I haven't been feeling as sick the past few days and the sun was out so I decided it was a good day to get outside. Mornings are rough around here lately and now that I'm not a nauseous monster I need to burn bad habbits. The kids wake up early and I've just been too sick to be a good mom so mornings are slow and boring and usually start off with the three of us kissing daddy off to work and then watching movies and eating dry cereal on the couch, my head buried under covers, frustrated by every request from the kids. This morning started off the same way but I forced myself to pull on clothes and pack a picnic, a baseball bat and balls and head out to the park with the kids. I almost snapped when Beck whined about the cold wind but I held my tongue and told him our picnic would be great. And it was. We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples and pretzels, played baseball (sorta), and played on the playground. The kids love the big circle swing. Beck found a fallen branch and carried it around sure the pavilion was full of monsters and bats. So we hunted them. Paisley loves the slides and Beck loves to pee off of the slides. This time I caught him pulling down his pants on time and rushed him to a tree explaining we don't pee where people play or walk. "But I just want to mom"...

I love these cute kids. I love their ideas and their conversations. Beck loves to please and make people laugh. He takes his shirt off every time a friend walks in to play (a boy thing??) and calls me momma instead of mommy or mom. Paisley is sweet and playful. Those exact words describe her best. Her most common phrases are "oh great!" and "oh nanks!" and she often yells at us "don't say bad words!" while we're having normal conversations. She knows what she wants and fights for it weather its her desperate need for a drink of milk or a toy. But she has the sweetest smile and the most adorable laugh. This baby growing inside me is going to get more love and attention then it could possibly want. 

My house is mess, I haven't showered, Justin did dishes and bedtime so I could watch my vampire show, and theres about ten loads of laundry I should be doing. But today I feel better than most knowing that we got fresh air and playtime and that my kids are safe and healthy and for the most part... happy. Wahoo for sunshine and picnics!!!!