Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yup, it's true...

We have a bun in the oven! I found out I was pregnant at the end of September and we are thrilled! I'm about thirteen weeks and feeling great! The first eight weeks or so I felt a little sick off and on but for the most part I have felt incredibly well. I have felt so well that I was a little nervous when we went in for our first ultrasound wondering if there was really something growing inside me! But when we saw the baby everything finally felt real and the little thing was practically doing flips, moving all over the place! It's pretty amazing to see your baby for the first time. I'm due at the end of June (seems so far away).

Speaking of babies, my darling sister-in-law had an adorable baby boy in November. Little Easton is the first baby in the family so we are super excited! We get to see him for the first time over Christmas... we can't wait!

Justin is excited to be a daddy. He always refers to the baby as a "he" but says he will love a girl just as much. I think he just wants a playmate. His latest hobbies are things only boys (at least I think only boys) really enjoy. He has been hunting and trapping with his friend Mark and also solo quite a bit lately and just finished a wood-shop class where he built me a beautiful chest to keep blankets in. It turned out really pretty, the pictures don't do it justice.

Oh the orange vest... never thought Id marry a hunter...

Justin brought me to class one night. It was actually kinda fun watching him work. I even got to help a little and took pictures the rest of the time.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same. We are excited for the holidays and looking forward to our trip in California. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas! We love you all!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary!

Ok it's a little late but I thought I should just say how much I love my wonderful husband. This has been an exciting first year for us and I have loved every moment. I feel so lucky to be married to such an amazing person. I love him so much! We not only made it through the first year but I think we have grown to love each other even more. Happy late anniversary Jus! I love you forever and ever babe! 

Last couple weeks

We have had a crazy couple of weeks!!!  My cousin Amy got married this past week so we had family in town and of course had lots of partying to do. My mom flew in for the wedding and stayed a few extra days so I got to spend some time with her. We had a fun time just hanging out. My cousin Estef (Amy's sister-in-law) had her baby and little Nico is healthy and beautiful, arriving during all the wedding craziness!
Amy and Mark just married!
Reception night
Family dinner, fun with the cousins!
Little Nico. I need me one of these...

The week before the wedding, my great grandma passed away so my Dad flew in for the funeral and even though his visit wasn't for fun, we loved spending time with him. The funeral was very nice and my great grandpa is still hanging on at 109! During that same weekend our clutch went out and to avoid paying hundreds to take it to a shop, Justin spent two full days, sun up to sun down, working on it himself down in our parking garage. What a man. He fixed it with the help of his brother and a couple of friends saving us lots of dough! Both nights coming in looking like he fell down a chimney! He was so dirty. 

Last week was also our one year anniversary but because of everything going on we really didn't get a chance to celebrate so we went out and celebrated yesterday instead. We had some of our wedding pictures printed and then headed up to Salt Lake where we had dinner at Cucina Toscana up in Salt lake. The same place we ate the night Justin proposed. Then we went to the gateway mall and Justin bought me a new phone. Doesn't sound super exciting but it was still a fun and special day. Dinner was especially nice. I love you babe!

This week is going to be just as busy and exciting! Justin's youngest brother is leaving for his mission in Paraguay. Both mom and dad Smith are driving him out here tomorrow so we will have a couple days to spend with them before Cameron is dropped off at the missionary training center. We are so excited for him! I didn't have any brothers to send off on a mission so I'm excited I get a chance to experience it. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Summer Fun!

We have taken lots of trips this summer. In June we were in California for my sisters wedding. She was a beautiful bride and Scott was beaming. The wedding was beautiful and the reception lots of fun. We love Scott and his family and are excited Oak has someone amazing to take care of her.  After the two left for their honeymoon, the rest of my family and my cousin's family took a little trip to Monterey Bay and San Francisco. We went to the Monterey Aquarium, Cannery row, Fishermans Wharf, China town, Ghirardelli Square and rode the Trolly through the city. We had so much fun. The only rough part of the trip was that Justin and I were both on standby flights and missed flights here and there. It took us forever to get to Cali and Justin had to stay a night in Southern Cal on his way back. I stayed an extra 5 days and had a very relaxing time hanging out at my parents pool and visiting with friends. I woke up every morning to help my mom water plants in the back yard which I loved. I cant wait to have a yard!

I don't have pictures from the wedding yet but I love this picture of them.
Monterey Bay 
My cousins, Sadie and Cassey
Maddy posing in a giant Penguin egg...
San Francisco. On our way to China town!
Fortune Cookies being made...

I took a couple trips of my own this summer as well. My sister Summer and I went to visit our cousin in Idaho to see his new baby. It was a quick trip but worth seeing baby Christian and visiting with family. A couple weeks ago I left Justin alone again to help my friend Katie sit for some friends of hers in St. Goerge. It was SOOO hot. Luckily they had a pool so we spent most the week swimming and playing with kids. The youngest one was only 5 months so I loved it. 

Clark, Rachael and baby Christian after his blessing.
The two youngest Schone kids in St George. I wasnt very good about taking pictures while we were there...

This past weekend we went to Vegas!!! Justin has never been there and the last time I was there was a few years ago. Our good friends Mark and Katie had a time share there are invited us to come. We had so much fun. We swam a lot during the day and hung out on the strip once the sun started going down.
All four of us about to watch the water show. It's a little dark...
We went to Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat where we saw dolphins and tigers. 
Hanging out on the crazy strip