Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beck's Nightly Reading

Tonight we had the Montagues over for dinner. After our plates were clean and the kids were up from the table running around like animals, Carley and I ran to Walmart and to get a treat for our families. It was nice to get out of the crazy house and leave the boys to babysit for a bit. By the time we got home and ate our treats the kids were exhausted and so were we. I think I started getting pajamas and toothbrushes out before our company had even walked out. By the time the kids were dressed and toys put away I was a ball of frustration eager to get them in bed but when we sat down on the living room floor for scripture and prayer (which we usually breeze through because the kids are all over the place) it all changed. Sweet Beck asked to read The Book of Mormon and we let him. His words were adorable and I felt so blessed as I listened. He started out with something along these lines...

"About the Book of Mormon there were swords and Nephi's pirate ship with good guys and bad guys. Monkeys in the forest saying oooh oooh ahhh ahhh in da trees. Jesus loves me and saves me from the monsters."

There was more talk of swords and bows and arrows and monsters and Jesus. His sweet and innocent translation of what we read each night made Justin and I smile. Paisley wanted a turn next and held the book quietly singing "Book of Mormon Stories". So cute. We are so grateful for these sweet and perfect little spirits. They bring us so much happiness.