Friday, April 17, 2009

Florida Fun...

Florida was a blast! We left Utah just as a storm was coming in and arrived in Florida to 80 degree weather! It was so nice. We stayed the first night with family friends (Mike and Liz) in Orlando. We went to their kids baseball game, ate a yummy dinner, stayed up all night talking and went boating on the St Johns river with Mike the next day where we saw alligators and turtles!!! We love Mike, Liz and their boys tons! 

Justin loves boating!
One of the Alligators we saw. This one sunbathing. 
Justin and I swimming with the alligators... JK, I'm not crazy, we were in a part of the lake where the water is clear and the gators stay away... still felt a little nervous getting in but I couldn't be a sissy right??
I'm Bummed I didn't get any pictures with Liz or the kids :(

The next day we checked into our hotel with our cousins Mike and Melissa and headed straight to the pool. We spent the next couple days with them at Disney! It was so much fun!!! It was Mike and Melissa's idea to take this trip and we are so happy we did! I'm so lucky to have family out there too so double bonus for me! My cousin Jenny and her two daughters met us at Disney and hung out with us part of the time there. She goes to Disney World like 10 times a year so she was very helpful in telling us what to see and do.

Mike, Melissa, Me and Justin in front of Micky's wizard hat!
Dinner at Planet Hollywood
In line for a ride, Justin wearing my pink backpack:)
Jus and I in front of the "Rockin' Roller Coaster"! This one one of our favorite rides!
Melissa and Mike at the stunt show... awesome show!

Because we went all the way out there I decided to meet my mom a couple of hours away at my grandmas house and stayed an extra 9 days visiting with her and my aunt and uncle. Justin and I drove down with Jenny after attending church in Kissimee and hugging Mike and Melissa goodbye! Justin only stayed one night before having to leave me to get home and back to work. Luckily he had time to hit the beach one day and hang out with the crazy fam a bit (my grandma carries a gun in her walker). 

Both in desperate need of some sun!
Sadie, Me and Cassy
Running like a model in the waves... we both got burnt!

During those long 9 days my mom and I spent a lot of time listening to grandmas stories, baking, photo copying family records and recipes and made it out to the beach again. I got to spend some time out in the yard with Uncle Jimmy and I ran errands and watched the CMT awards with Aunt Debbye. I also got to watch my favorite movie TWICE while I was there because they have had it for years and its hard to find anywhere else... Funny Girl. I stayed with our friend Crystal a few blocks away and had fun visiting with her and her family. She is an amazing host.
Three generations. Mom, Mama, and Me.

Although we had a great time in florida, I was so excited to come home. I think I was too anxious because the morning I arrived at the Orlando air port (tired and no food in my tummy) I got on the plane and had a mild panic attack! I'm so weird like that...