Wednesday, January 19, 2011

and we're back

Time to get back into the blogging world! Its been a while...

Happy 2011! We had a great 2010 with Becks birth and the recent holidays. Thanks to all who sent us Christmas cards! We loved getting your pictures and family updates. I was hoping to get one out but ran out of time. So here is our picture and update.

Beck is almost seven months now! It has gone by so fast. He already has his two front bottom teeth and more are coming in. He is finally getting his hair back. He rolls all over and is about to crawl (time to baby proof my house!). Its so funny to watch him get up on his knees and push off with his feet diving an inch forward. He loves to bounce, yell and play with anything! He loves when we sing him songs and read him books. He LOVES watching "baby einstein" but I try to limit TV time as much as possible. He chews on everything (including his feet) and will eat whatever we feed him. He especially likes prunes, peas and oatmeal. His new favorite play place is a cardboard box my friend Jesse gave us while I was helping her unpack in her new house. We set him in the box with some toys so he wouldn't escape and he sat there playing so contently we had to take it home. Thanks Aunt Jesse! I decorated it so it wouldn't look so white trash! Beck is a great traveler. Since his birth we've been to california three times, Idaho and St George. He is great in the car and in the air. I hope it stays that way!

Beck's "play box"

THANK YOU Bunten family, Hodge family and grandparents for all my books!
Mommy's two favorite things!
Beck is a very lucky baby. He gets more love than anything in the world. His aunts love to smother him and his grandparents cant get enough, not to mention all the hugs and kisses he gets from his daddy and I. You can sit and kiss his cheeks over and over while he is busy playing with something and he wont even flinch, he is so used to it.

Christmas was so fun this year. Beck and I flew out a week early to visit my family before heading to Sonora where we spent actual Christmas with Justin's family. My parents spoiled him (and me) and we loved all the attention. My dad is so sweet with Beck, sneaking him into his bed at night to cuddle causing me to almost have a heart attach when I snuck into check on him and he was gone! My mom couldn't even get mad when Beck knocked a candle off a shelf spilling it all over my mom, her phone, grand piano, walls and carpet making a huge mess. Beck loved visiting with his other grandparents too snuggling and playing with new toys. He got to know is cousin Easton better and it was so fun to watch them interact and play together. Christmas is so much more fun with babies! Everything is.

Beck with his Christmas presents
Grandma Smith
Grandpa Smith

Clark Family Christmas Photos by Aimee Brown
Justin and I are also doing well. Justin is doing great at work, working with doctors, and is now thinking of going back to school to do something in medicine possibly next year. A CRNA is at the top of his list but we will see. I LOVE my job... a mommy! And try to read, craft and exercise during any down time I have. Soon we will be moving to Salt Lake to be closer to Justin's office. I cant wait for the day he can be home before 6:30 and we can meet him for lunch but I am honestly going to miss Provo. We love our home and our friends and having sibling close by.

Our goals for this year are to move, get ready for another baby, attend the temple more often, become more organized, get back into shape, and to grow closer as a family doing fun things.

We hope everyone is healthy and happy and that you know how much we love and appreciate you!