Thursday, November 6, 2014

My freckle faced lover boy

Beck is hilarious these days. I love watching him learn and discover new things. The way he interprets the world is adorable. He talks lots about animals and bugs, good guys and bad guys, he tells me all about his dreams and about things that make him happy and sad. He loves babies and ninja turtles, cutting and gluing paper, and building towers with mega legos. Beck is super funny and very sensitive. A good mix of Justin and my personalities.

Beck loves meeting new friends. He'll walk up to any kid at the park, older or younger, stick out his hand and introduce himself using his full name. I love to watch him shake hands with other kids. They often look confused. And he calls all of his friends "my kids" when he talks about them. "Mommy, can we have my kids come over and play?", or "my kids at church were funny today".

Beck sometimes calls "bad guys" "black guys" because they usually dress in black. A few months ago while sitting in church he loudly asked if "black guys" go to church. The people sitting around us chuckled hearing me loudly whisper that he meant to say bad guys that dress in black from his batman cartoon... hoping we wouldn't be labeled racist. Beck asked the same question in the grocery store and at the library...

Beck is a story teller. He always has something to say. We're working on teaching him the difference between telling stories and fibs. He doesn't quite get it but thats okay for now. He'll say things like "when I was a dad, I used to eat lots of candy all the time".. or "Papa Rock said I can watch this show because he saw it at the movie heater (theater)". Maybe thats why he loves to talk about his dreams over breakfast. Because you can dream about anything without getting into trouble when you're four years old.

Becks primary teacher was telling me that in class she has the kids "zip" their mouths shut to keep them quiet and that Beck is always "unzipping" so he can tell a story. Last week he really wanted to say something and she told him to keep his mouth zipped up until after prayer but in the middle of prayer he yelled out "sometimes I eat my boogers!!!" and everyone laughed with their eyes closed. He just couldn't wait to fess up I guess.

Beck is such a lover. He is so sweet with Paisley and especially Isla. He is always nuzzling and kissing on Isla and trying to pick her up. He loves to sit and read and play with Paisley and give his mama "prince kisses". Yummy.
 Princess Reagan, one of his favorite friends. Aunt Maddy sent him a prince costume so he did't feel left out when playing with the neighbor girls and Paisley.

 Superhero birthday party. Super fun!

 Beck LOVES cousin Welles. I'll catch him in the corner praying for Welles to be "safe" some times and it makes me tear up. So tender.

 Push ups with Uncle Doug!

 The first lizard he caught in the backyard. We let it go:)

 A letter from his friend Ella. So darn cute. We miss our friends.

 He's so handsome when he sleeps. 

 As I'm typing this I can hear Beck excitedly thanking Pais for something she made him and saying "thanks Pais! I can't even believe this! You're my best friend!". Pais responds "no problem.". They love each other. 

  He knows I love kisses.

 Beck insists we read scriptures every night before bed. And sometimes he insists he read to Paisley before nap time. "Jesus flies and saves us and Nephi builds a pirate ship..." it's the cutest thing.

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