Friday, November 7, 2014

The Clark fam bam visit

My babies are super lucky and they don't even know it. They are loved by SO-MANY-PEOPLE. Their grandparents cant get enough of them. Aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. It's a long list. And oh what a wonderful blessing that is. I grew up in a fun and healthy family environment but didn't really realize how rare that can be until I became a parent. I have friends with little to no help or support as they raise their kids and can tell my situation is coveted by many. It is really special. 

I don't think Isla hardly touched her swing or crib the first month of her life. She was held and kissed non stop. Papa Rock and Nona were here (helping with the big kids and letting me rest) along with each of my sisters and their kids. Maddy came out while mom was here and I feel sick about not getting one single picture of her with the kids. I'm so upset about it. I guess we kept her too busy with the big kids. Oakley came out with her littles and even Scott was here for a week working with Justin and playing with the fam. Summer and Rhea flew out last witch made parting with her the hardest because after she left I knew I'd be on my own, in a new place with three kids and no real strong relationships with neighbors or friends. The day she left I felt like a wet blanket, teary and alone. Justin is so amazing in everything he does. He probably has no clue how much I appreciate him (i know I don't tell him enough), and I can't imagine a better partner in raising our little litter of pups. He's awesome and I wish we didn't need money to buy food and clothes and all that junk so he could just be with us all the time. Although I'm sure I'd drive him nuts with all my snuggling needs. Needless to say, hes the best but gone all day, and I miss my sister play dates. A-LOT. 

Nona, Paisley and Isla

Papa Rock was made to snuggle babies.

Nona stared Beck on piano lessons and he is picking it up quick! I'm really proud of him.

My bookends.

 Welles thought Isla was a snack.

 Nona bought Beck an adventure kit at the dollar store which included these glasses. The glasses are the most popular item. Paisley is a little clown these days.

 I took Beck on a date to the library one night, the week after Isla was born. We danced in the car on the way home and discussed names for our future dog. We picked up a treat at walgreens and Beck kept saying, "It's just you and me, mommy. No one else". He really needed the one on one time.

 Papa Rock gave Beck a tattoo on his arm and then set the marker where little hands can reach. Beck thought he needed more. So while the adults were eating dinner Beck gave himself more. I couldn't be mad. He was so proud of himself. He told us he's either a pirate or a lion. 

 Paisley loves to hold baby for about ten seconds. Then she says "I'm done" and drops her arms. I've learned I should't really let go at all. Paisley talks to Isla in a super sweet, high pitched voice. She loves to be a little mommy.

Beck and Welles. Boy cousins!

Scarlett and Pais playing in the sprinklers. 

 Welles and baby Isla.

 Playing at the park with Auntie Sum Sum.

 I often catch these two practically laying on Isla. Loves.

Summie can nap any time, any place. And she loves a good baby snuggle.

We took this picture right before we said our goodbyes and started crying. It was hard to see her go.

Rhea shows her love with kisses and smacks to the face! She'll be a great big sister:)

I'm so grateful our family is sealed together forever. We loved playing at the park and in the back yard. Nona spoiled these kids with toys and treats. Papa Rock loved taking taking grand babies outside to explore. My sisters helped with cleaning and cooking. And the company was perfect. I love and miss them all. 

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