Monday, January 6, 2014

These two are best friends. If I can accomplish one great thing in this life it would be to raise children to love eachother. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that they will always have each other. They have a special little friendship and I love watching them play and laugh together. At this very moment they are sitting at the table with me singing songs and playing with playdough. I love their little conversations. I love how sweet Beck is with Paisley. I love how Paisley mimics everything Beck does. They melt my heart. 

Here they are pretending to sit around a "fire camp" (campfire) telling each other stories about pirates eating ice cream. 

Paisley thinks Beck is the funniest person on earth.

Playing in the rain on Chris Lane.

Quick update...

Happy New Year 2014. I have pictures I need to post from Halloween, Paisleys 2nd birthday, new nieces and nephew, CamShans wedding, Thanksgiving and Christmas but I thought with the few minutes of quiet time I have right now I'd just do a quick post. Otherwise this stuff might never make it on here. 

We're excited to be expecting baby #3! I'm a little nervous to be out numbered but it will be great. I'm excited for the kids to have a baby in the house to love on. When we brought Paisley home as a newborn Beck really had no interest because he was still kind of a baby himself. This time around will be fun to watch. I love watching them with baby nieces and nephews. They are so sweet with them. Maybe too sweet at times. I've been really sick this pregnancy. I wasn't very sick with the first two so this is a whole new experience and it stinks. Especially because Beck and Paisley are so active and it's hard to keep up. I feel like a super bad mom these days and poor Justin has to pick up the slack... a lot of it. He's a good man. I'm also getting really fat really early haha. Below is a picture is me at eight weeks! I can hardly eat a thing yet I'm growing like a cow! I'm anxious to feel somewhat normal again. But I feel very blessed. 

Below is the latest family photo, taken with Justin's iphone. The last six months have been so busy we didn't have any family pictures taken. This was taken last week at the Ice Castles in Midway. We went with Oakley and Scotts little family and with some of their fun neighbors. It was cold. The kids loved it. They sang songs from the movie Frozen as we walked through. Oh and also licked everything. Paisleys poor little tongue got stuck for a couple of seconds on some ice and she cried for five minutes straight... but then got over it and continued licking everything again. The Ice castles are frozen fountains formed in tunnels and shapes created by a local artist. They light them up at night. It's really beautiful. The kids thought it was the coolest thing. After our trip there we grabbed dinner at a little chinese restaurant (our favorite Midway restaurant Tarahumara was closed) and then stopped to visit Justin's cousin Noelle and her family. We had a great time catching up with her. The kids loved playing with her kids, toys and cat "Pierre". Fun night.

Beck is now a big tough Sunbeam in the primary at church. He loved his first day but had a hard time letting me go. When the kids were asked what Heavenly Father gave us for Christmas, Beck raised his hand saying "me! pick me!!!" and shouted "Ninja Turtles!!!"as the answer. It was pretty funny.

Church is now at 1:00pm... which is nap time... Paisley needs her naps lol. Sundays are going to be rough this year. But she's such a cute little crier. Unlike her mommy. 

We're exited for a new year full of possibilities and a growing family. Life is hard but good. I'm trying harder than ever to enjoy the special little moments day to day and to stress less over dirty clothes and and crayon on the wall. I'm grateful for the blessing of family and for the wonderful gospel that guides our lives. Bring it on 2014!